The L is for….

Lisa of course (though in a couple of years it may possibly the l for leave 🙂 ).
I saw this letter on pinterest and thought it was so cut and decided I was going to make one for Lisa.
All it took was some glasspearls, light rose wire, ribbon and a couple of minutes of my time.

deur letter-l

Chocolate (chickpea) cake recipe

he other day I made a chocolate cake out of chickpeas and had some friends try it. They liked it and wanted to know the recipe. Since I thought I could improve the recipe, I made a new one on Monday. I thought it came out better than the original recipe, but unfortunately Mr. M. rated it no higher than: edible. Hmmm, could have been worse, but still, not what I was going for. It doesn’t have to be the best thing he ever tasted, but I would like to hear “can I have another piece”.

So before posting the recipe, I really wanted to give it another shot. Since the verdict said it was dry, I added more dates (last time I had dates and coconut sugar) and added some water. I also added some oat flour, hoping to give it a little bit more of a cake like taste and structure (and to retain the moist). I think it turned out pretty well. Whether it will be good enough for Mr. M. to request another piece, I don’t know (yet). But I know Lisa will like it, she liked the previous versions as well and that’s good enough for now. And, I will just keep on trying to find a recipe for a healthy treat that he will like 🙂
You can find the original recipe here.

Sew comfy

A couple of weeks ago I made ponchos for Lisa and myself. They were really easy to make and they’re so comfy and handy. We love ‘m!  Thanks to Nicolette I now finally have a picture of us in our ponchos.


Chickpea cake

This week I’ve been experimenting with some cake/muffin recipes. I’m still hoping to one day create a more or less healthy treat that Mr. M. also loves to eat. So, on Monday I tried banana chocolate cake, I liked it. However, both Mr. M. and Lisa didn’t. So yesterday I tried chocolate cake made out of chickpeas. Chickpeas, really? Yeah, really, who would have thought! I was a little bit afraid it wouldn’t work out since chickpeas have a rather distinctive taste, but it turned out to be surprisingly tasty. Lisa liked it. Mr. M. is on a business trip so he hasn’t tried them. Really wonder what he would have thought of it. Unfortunately chances are, he won’t even try it now he knows it’s made out of chickpeas. Oh, well… Here’s a picture.


Today I made oat flour muffins. I blended some oatmeal into flour, oh I love my blender, and was ready to go. I wanted vanilla taste, but they turned to be a little bit bland. Apparently, using only vanilla extract wasn’t enough. Next time I’ll try adding a vanilla bean. Good basic recipe for muffins though. All in all, I’m pretty happy how my experiments turned out :).

Mind over medicine

I just finished reading “Mind over medicine” by Lissa Rankin, which I found to be really interesting. I strongly belief in the connection between mind and body and after reading this book possibly even more.

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, my gastroenterologist told me I would have to take medicines for the rest of my life. I wasn’t too happy when he said that, and already having read stories of other people diagnosed with Crohn’s disease where the disease went into (total) remission, I was convinced that someday it should be possible to get off of the medicines.

Being a doctor in conventional medicine, Lissa Rankin at first didn’t pay much attention to miracle stories about patients, sometimes with very serious diseases, that experienced a remarkable if not total remission of their diseases. But the more stories she heard, the more she wondered if there might be something else that’s important when it comes to healing the body. So, she started digging into all kinds of research to see if she could find evidence that our human mind is capable of healing our body. The result is amazing and whether or not this book convinces you that the human mind is capable of some extraordinary things, it is definitely worth reading it.

A lot of people have health issues that their doctors can’t link to any disease, but the fact is, that they do have symptoms. In this book Lissa Rankin shows how the things that are going on in your life as well as the way you handle these, can actually lead to changes in your physiology. After experiencing a rough period in her own life and having her share of symptoms, she makes an inventory of her life and a writes herself a ‘prescription’ to fix it. She turns around her life and starts working in a practice in which she gets to spend all the time she needs with her patients. Thinking of her own experiences, she started to ask her patients what they thought would cure them and much to her surprise most of them didn’t tell her that they needed a different kind of medicine or therapy, but things like, I need to quit my job, or, I need to divorce my husband.

Just to be clear on this. Lisa Rankin by no means implies that people that are ill or do not get cured have themselves to blame for it. Nor does she say that you should avoid conventional medicine. She merely says that the state of your mind can lead to changes in your physiology that may cause all kinds of symptoms and/or diseases and that it may be worthwhile to take a good look at your life. Making changes in your life doesn’t necessarily mean you will be cured, but it will still add to the quality of your life.

I have definitely some changes to make, which is the reason I started my Master NLP training and I’m still convinced that one day I can do without medicines :).