Peace, love & yoga

Do you ever intend to really do something, but then make up like a million reasons to not do it right now? I do 🙁 . About two weeks ago I finally started doing yoga again, after a pause of, well, I think a year. I was planning on going, but I made up all sorts of reasons not to. When I finally did go, it was just so good, that I really didn’t understand why I had been postponing this for so long.

Peace, love and yoga, those words are on the wall of the yoga studio I attend. I like it, because (to me) it’s twofold. In my view, all the world needs is peace, love and yoga. The world would be such a better place if we had this everywhere around us.
On the other side, for me personally, I find peace and love within myself by doing yoga. Physically it relieves the pain in my neck and shoulders and my lower back, which is love and care for myself. Mentally, it brings me peace of mind. It’s kind of a mental massage, I just love it and moreover I really need this. I need this to strengthen myself against my own negative thoughts and to relax my mind. Even if I’m thinking about good stuff, it seems as if my mind is just working overtime and it’s just exhausting. The yoga gives my mind the quiet and rest that it needs.

Doing yoga makes me feel good, both physically and mentally, which gives me more energy. This made me realize how import it is to me that I do this at least once a week. And that means for the rest of my life.

What I like about yoga is that anyone can do it. No matter what level you’re at, you can always do yoga. And maybe it’s not for everyone, I don’t know. It may seem and feel weird when you try, but I definitely do think it’s worth a try! Maybe give it a thought, or not 🙂 .


Challenge words

Every week Lisa has a spelling test at school. She gets a list with 8 mandatory words and 2 challenge words. Those challenge words a little bit more difficult, but she has a choice whether or not to write them down during the test.

In my life there are a lot of challenge words. The past weekend my challenge word was: presentation. In my NLP training I needed to interview 3 people and together with several other people who choose the same topic (personal growth) we had to present to the rest of the group what we had learned. I knew this was coming and I had been dreading this moment from the beginning. I also had a choice. I could’ve chosen not to do the presentation and stay nice and safe in my comfort zone. But where would that get me? So, the only option was doing the presentation. The closer it came, the more I dreaded it.

It was challenging for our group to agree upon certain things and one person came up with a brilliant idea: a news show. A news show has different segments, so everyone could tell in their segment what they thought needed to be said. It worked perfectly (except some technical difficulties that challenged our flexibility 🙂 ).
Finally the moment had come. When I drove over there that morning, I was a bit nervous, but at the same time I felt very calm, I was going to nail this, no doubt about it. When we were up, I was still nervous, my hands were shaking a little bit, but the funniest thing happened… I actually enjoyed it! That was the weirdest thing. The moment I had been dreading for so long turned out to be really fun?! Something I would’ve missed out on had I chosen to stay in my comfort zone.

So, if you have some challenge words yourself coming up, take them on. Know that it’s perfectly ok to be nervous or maybe even dread it, but take a deep breath and get out of your comfort zone. No matter the outcome, you have been successful just by doing it. And who knows, it just might turn out to be fun.


Poetry, go with the flow

It’s been a while, but I intend to write on a more regular basis. Unfortunately I have a tendency to procrastinate 🙁 . Anyone know a good remedy against that? If you do, please let me know.

To get myself doing something I signed up for a MOOC. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. These are free online courses offered by universities around the world. The course I enrolled in is called: How writers write poetry. A couple of years ago I never would have thought I might ever get an interest in writing, let alone writing poetry. Isn’t life great 🙂 .
My course started this week. It was about journaling, to takes notes whenever, wherever and about whatever you can and writing 1,2,3 or 4 line poems.

For starters I bought myself yesterday a small notebook to take with me in my purse and make notes whenever I can. I already have one next to my bed. Somehow the best thoughts seem to pop up in my mind in the middle of the night, which can be pretty annoying by the way.

This weeks assignment was to write a 1,2,3 of 4 line poem, this is what I wrote.

Growing pains

It’s the middle of the night
soft steps, crying
her gentle touch
Mom, I have growing pains.