The art of fashion

A couple of weeks ago, I bought some fabric to make fabric panels. Since the prints are fashion related I wanted to hang them in Lisa’s walk in closet to be some day. Our plans shifted a little, so I’m not sure she will have a walk in closet, but I really like the prints and I think the panels will be really nice, so I want to make them anyway. Last week I was so happy to have a good day and I actually went out and bought some cheap blank canvases.


Next, I cut the fabric, folded it over the edges and stapled it on the back. Pretty simple. I think it took me about 15 minutes. Since I’m slightly OCD I had to check frequently to see if the fabric was in the right place and adjust it. If the fabric allows it and/or you’re not OCD it will probably take 5 minutes. Little time, little effort and great, unique wall art.

canvas2.1 canvas3.1 canvas4.1

One down, one to go 🙂 . I’m happy with the result and even better, Lisa was happy with the result.

canvas5.1 canvas6.1