Chickpea cake

This week I’ve been experimenting with some cake/muffin recipes. I’m still hoping to one day create a more or less healthy treat that Mr. M. also loves to eat. So, on Monday I tried banana chocolate cake, I liked it. However, both Mr. M. and Lisa didn’t. So yesterday I tried chocolate cake made out of chickpeas. Chickpeas, really? Yeah, really, who would have thought! I was a little bit afraid it wouldn’t work out since chickpeas have a rather distinctive taste, but it turned out to be surprisingly tasty. Lisa liked it. Mr. M. is on a business trip so he hasn’t tried them. Really wonder what he would have thought of it. Unfortunately chances are, he won’t even try it now he knows it’s made out of chickpeas. Oh, well… Here’s a picture.


Today I made oat flour muffins. I blended some oatmeal into flour, oh I love my blender, and was ready to go. I wanted vanilla taste, but they turned to be a little bit bland. Apparently, using only vanilla extract wasn’t enough. Next time I’ll try adding a vanilla bean. Good basic recipe for muffins though. All in all, I’m pretty happy how my experiments turned out :).