Not mine to carry

There it was
   that heavy load
I thought it was
   mine to carry
   so I did
And you let me
   leaning on me
   adding some more

I did all I could
   and lost myself
I tried to break free
   and you cried
   Why don’t you love me!
You meant no harm
   but left me bleeding
And still
   you can’t see

I carried on
   be sweet
   be perfect
   suck it up
And I kept going
   until it sucked me up
   by the cold
   gray ocean
   of hurt and anger
I cried silently
   Do you love me?

Here it is
   that heavy load
It’s yours, not mine
   it never was
It’s back
   where it belongs
The rest
   is up to you
I think
   your question should be
   Why don’t I love me?