Chocolate (chickpea) cake recipe

he other day I made a chocolate cake out of chickpeas and had some friends try it. They liked it and wanted to know the recipe. Since I thought I could improve the recipe, I made a new one on Monday. I thought it came out better than the original recipe, but unfortunately Mr. M. rated it no higher than: edible. Hmmm, could have been worse, but still, not what I was going for. It doesn’t have to be the best thing he ever tasted, but I would like to hear “can I have another piece”.

So before posting the recipe, I really wanted to give it another shot. Since the verdict said it was dry, I added more dates (last time I had dates and coconut sugar) and added some water. I also added some oat flour, hoping to give it a little bit more of a cake like taste and structure (and to retain the moist). I think it turned out pretty well. Whether it will be good enough for Mr. M. to request another piece, I don’t know (yet). But I know Lisa will like it, she liked the previous versions as well and that’s good enough for now. And, I will just keep on trying to find a recipe for a healthy treat that he will like 🙂
You can find the original recipe here.