Let it go

Yesterday I posted a message on Facebook in which I asked people if they might be interested in a meditation session guided by me (by the way, if you didn’t read that, but you are interested, please contact me). Personally I like to meditate, especially when guided.

One of the reasons I recently started meditating on a regular basis is to connect to my body and spirit. I have been living in my mind/ratio for a long, long time. And though the mind certainly has its purposes, I think it’s not good to be in that state nearly all the time.
For one thing it has tricked me into having quite a few limiting beliefs about myself. For example, I used to have some very limiting beliefs about my abilities to form and maintain relationships. Now I’ve decided to ask myself: how can I do things differently so I will be more succesful in forming and maintaining relationships? One of the things I realised was that I need to be really me (yeah, I know, everyone could have told me that 🙂 ). In order to do that I need to let go of my limiting beliefs and go back to my core and feel and experience who I really am, not who I think I am. It’s not always easy yet, but I do feel that I’m going there.

So, when I had several reactions of people who want me and apparently trust me to guide them through a meditation it made me happy.
And as a bonus I got reactions of some people I had not spoken to in a long time, which was really, really nice. To me that is a sign that I am on my way to being me and that it’s paying off.