Welcome to my life

Ok, this is kind of scary, so please be nice 🙂 .
I’ve discovered I like to write, hence this blog. But… I want more. And so, I’ve decided to do an online course writing for children. I’ve never written anything for kids, so it’s scary. All kinds of limiting beliefs that come to haunt me 🙂 . Every week there is an assignment and I want to share my very first one. The assignment was to write something about a life event. So, welcome to my life.

Comments on what’s good or not so good are greatly appreciated. If you have older children (I’m guessing between 10 and 16???) it would be awesome if you could get them to read it and tell what they think of it.
My apologies that the story is not divided into paragraphs, for some reason I could not make that work 🙁 .


Welcome to eighth grade
Oh…no, no, no!!! The only seats left are in the back of the class room! I can’t sit in the back of the room! How did I get here so late!? How could I be so careless!? I know I have to be early the first class of the year to get my perfect seat in the middle of the room. Not in the back with the talkies and the troublemakers and not too close to the teacher either.
Ok, ok, ok… don’t panic! I can’t panic here. Not in front of all these people. Take a deep breath.
Ok, so I have to sit in the back of the room, at least get a chair close to the door, that way I can get the hell out of here as soon as the bell rings. Over there, second last row, next to the girl with the too blond hair and too much make up.
Now what? Do I need to ask her if I can sit next to her or…?
“All right everyone, take a seat and get your things ready”.
Saved by the teacher. Now run and sit!
Oh man… too much perfume as well.
“Welcome to eighth grade, I’m mister Klein and I will be teaching you all about economics this year”.
Of all classes I came too late to his class! Mister Klein is really nice but he just doesn’t know how to handle a class. His classes are famous for being chaotic. Everyone knows you can do practically anything without consequences. And it’s the one class that I really, really need to pay attention to.
That disgusting perfume is making me nauseous. Why do some people wear that much perfume? And if it were a nice perfume, but it’s some kind of heavy synthetic flower-ish smell.
Ok, I really need to pay attention or I will be behind from the very first lesson on.
“Don’t you just loooooove my new perfume?”
Great, Miss Too Much of Everything is discussing her new perfume with her friends in the seats right behind us. They’re not even trying to whisper.
Mister Klein is desperately trying to make himself heard. A lost cause. How long before he will go home with a burn out this year? I feel sorry for him. Why doesn’t he apply for another job? Everyone can see he is unhappy.
Just five minutes since class started. Only 45 more minutes…. And nine more months…. But hey, who’s counting?

Welcome to eighth grade.