see the beauty

A couple of months ago I bought a small table and a chest of drawers for Lisa’s room from Craigslist. They were… not very special. In fact, Mr. M. thought I had lost my mind buying junk and made me promise that I would get rid of them if my plan for them wouldn’t work out. Yeah, sure, whatever… I was pretty confident it would work out 🙂 .

tafel    kast

I admit that they didn’t look very special when I bought them, but I could see the potential and knew they would look so great in Lisa’s room when redone.

I love how they turned out and even Mr. M. was convinced, so they could stay 🙂 And most important, Lisa loves it!

tafel1   kast2

The colors seem to be a little bit different, but that’s due to the light. They’re both the same color.