Q + A = R

Eureka, I’m a genius, the next Einstein!
Ok, not so much, but it is an important reminder to me.

Remember the ugly plain brown sweater I jazzed up a bit? Well, Lisa didn’t still didn’t want to wear it 🙁 .
So I asked her, what if I put some more hearts here and here, will you wear it then? The answer was maybe, which is basically a no. Then Mr. M decided it was time to intervene and asked her what exactly needed to be changed so she would want to wear it. Much better result this time, she said the sleeves were too wide and the waistband too tight. Ah, I can fix that.

But why didn’t I think of asking her that simple question? This is so NLP, the NLP Metamodel is all about being specific and what questions to ask to get the exact information you need. I couldn’t stand it that I didn’t ask her that. Apparently I need to practice more. I didn’t ask a specific question and therefore didn’t get a specific answer, so the result wasn’t what I wanted. So, I need to remind myself that (specific) Question(s) + Answer(s) = (desired) Result.

And so, I went back to my atelier (sounds much better than craft room) and narrowed the sleeves and cut off the waistband and cuffs. This is the result and best of all, she wanted to wear it immediately after I finished it. Hence my little reminder Q + A = R.