Sewing date

A while ago I had a ‘sewing date’ with a friend of mine. She has been sewing for a long time and makes really cute stuff for her kids.
She helped me pick a dress from a pattern book and showed me how to work with an actual pattern, because I had never done that before. All those lines just seemed so intimidating. And although it’s not that hard, you have to stay alert with all those lines, because it’s easy to miss something or mix things up.
So, now that I had the pattern, I was eager to get started. I went to shop for some fabric. What I found wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I was to impatient to order something online. I just wanted to get going 🙂 .
It was my first time working with stretch fabric and with my serger. Stretch was a little bit intimidating, the serger was scary. It goes so fast and cuts the fabric at the same time, so you can’t afford to make a mistake. After some practicing, I decided to go for it (fingers crossed). I was a little bit worried but tried to do it as slowly as possible and it turned out really nice. At the bottom of the dress I made a rolled hem, also on the serger. Stretching the fabric at the same time gives a nice lettuce hem, I love that! This is the result.

dress fr       dress b

Thanks for your help Marloes! The second dress is on it’s way 🙂