Ego logic

How people treat you, is their karma; how you react, is yours.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Somehow I have the idea I have to be perfect. I know, I know… that’s not possible, still I want to.
So whenever I feel someone mistreats me or criticizes me, my ego goes ballistic. Ego tries to blame anyone but itself and gets angry and upset. Even though Ego doesn’t like everyone, Ego wants to be liked by everyone, if not, Ego feels rejected. Ego has its own logic and basically is a little kid that throws tantrums and refuses to grow up. Dealing with Ego is… quite a challenge.

A while ago I remembered something from my NLP training (apparently I wasn’t ready for it at that time): whatever some says or does, is a reflection of them, not me. However I respond to it, is a reflection of me, not them.

Although Ego is always there first to shout murder, I’m getting better at ignoring Ego and analyzing the situation. What actually happened, what did someone really say or do, how does that make me feel and why? Often it is just Ego whining, feeling sorry itself. And even if I think that what someone did or said wasn’t very nice, I’m getting better at seeing it as something that belongs to them, not me. At the same time, I try to keep in mind that the way I respond to them is my part and a reflection of my inner world.

Like I said, quite a challenge. My own inner world isn’t as peaceful yet as I’d like it to be, especially at moments like this, when my entire body feels like one giant inflammation and I need all of my energy to keep things going at home. Yet, I think I’m doing pretty good, one small step at a time. All that counts is moving on forward.