Good morning to you from this morning’s favorite spot, the bathroom. I’m having a colonoscopy later this day and thanks to the colonoscopy prep I am spending most of my morning in the bathroom. It could be worse though. Like drinking the prep… by far the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. Oh well, I only had to drink 4 liters (a little over a gallon) of that stuff 🙂 .
Gotta love internet, now I can keep you all posted about what’s going on, real-time 🙂 .

Ok, I won’t gross you out (anymore). As you may know, I haven’t been feeling to well the past weeks. At first my new meds seemed to work and I felt better and got a little bit more energy. Beginning of January it was like the meds stopped working and it started to come back little by little. Wednesday I talked to my doctor and he thought it best to do a colonoscopy and see what’s going on. Luckily he could squeeze me in for a colonoscopy today.

Hopefully the colonoscopy will show what’s going on and can I get the right medication to get this thing under control.

So, to be continued…